Benefits of Papaya Leaf, How to Make, and Side Effects

Papaya is also referred to as pawpaw. It is a tropical, fruit-bearing tree. This fruit, leaves, and seeds are usually used in medical practices. Papaya leaf extract is repaired by cruising the papaya leaves. This extract is applied to wounds, blemishes, scars, bacterial or fungal infections, dandruff, and hair fall and to treat skin allergies. The papaya extract contains calcium, iron, minerals, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.


Consuming young tender leaves of papaya or drinking papaya juice can improve digestive issues such as constipation, heartburn, painful bowel movement, and bloating. The papaya leaves contain active compounds such as fiber, papain, and chymopapain that help with protein digestion and the release of digestive enzymes, and increase appetite. Papain is well known for its ability to break down large proteins into smaller ones, it makes it easy to digest proteins and amino acids.


4. Protects your Liver from Inflammatory Diseases

High cholesterol levels in the serum may cause complex cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, and obesity. Papaya leaf can cleanse your blood by lowering cholesterol levels in the body. This happens because a few phytosterols in papaya leaf juice have a similar structure to bad cholesterol. It also keeps the liver safe from free radical-induced inflammatory diseases.


5. Support Hair Growth

Papaya is also known to improve hair growth in a small amount. As per studies, high levels of oxidative in the body can cause hair fall. While consuming antioxidant-rich foods can help to reduce oxidative stress. Papaya leaf has flavonoids and vitamin E as well. This fruit contains antifungal properties so it can stop the growth of dandruff-causing fungus. Applying papaya leaf extract to your scalp can remove dirt and excess oil from the roots.


How to Make Papaya Leaf Juice

  • Wash the papaya leaves thoroughly.
  • Put them in the juicer jar and blend to a smooth paste.
  • Strain the contents through a thin cloth or a sieve.

You can store the juice in a refrigerator for further use.


How you can Drink it

Generally, an individual can drink papaya leaf juice, as it is considered as safe. But some people can experience digestive discomfort when drinking it in excessive amounts. Leaf extract is extremely potent and can cause allergic reactions in some people. If you have a latex allergy or papain allergy, you must be cautious before consuming papaya juice. Consuming papaya leaf extracts should be done in dosage. Papaya leaf extracts are used in various forms such as liquid extracts, capsules, and tinctures.


Side Effects of Consuming Papaya Leaf

  • If consumed in excessive amounts can cause the yellowing of soles and palms.
  • It may cause inflammation of the stomach lining.
  • Papaya leaves can cause wheezing or nasal congestion.
  • It may also irritate the stomach.

If you experience any reactions to papaya juice make sure to seek medical help.

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