Five Things You Need to Know for Planning Your Wedding

1. Create the Guest List First

The guest list is one of the most important parts of planning an event. You have to make sure how many people you are planning to invite before you pick the venue.

Create the Guest List First

This will help you to book the perfect venue. If you manage the guest list well you will be able to stay within the budget. You should only be surrounded by people who have an interest in your life. Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life.


2. Make a Budget

Make a budget early on and figure out in which areas you want to spend the most. Establishing a wedding budget can help you avoid wasting money. Things such as the reception or your personal preferences can affect the total cost of a wedding.

Make a Budget

When planning a wedding budget, it’s important to consider which expenses to include in the list so that it will be helpful for you to execute everything perfectly. There are also some great online tools and apps out there that can keep you organized in creating the budget. If you are considering a personal loan or credit card, look for one that offers the lowest interest rate possible to make wedding debt less expensive.


3. Wait to Book the Venue

This is the most important thing in your wedding. You should notice that most couples book their wedding venue at least six months in advance.

Wait to Book the Venue

Booking the venue just a couple of months before your wedding can save you up to 15 percent. Because venues are also looking to rent their spaces out so that they can actually make money. This advice is for couples who aren’t super keen on a specific venue.


4. Expect Some Rejections

When you are inviting guests to your wedding, you have to expect that 10 to 20 percent of people won’t attend. It’s not because of personal issues but because there are some people that have little kids that make attending a big event difficult.

Expect Some Rejections

Apart from that there are some people that live out of town so it’s difficult for them to spend hundreds of dollars on wedding attire and plane tickets. Just try not to take it personally and move on. Because if you will feel sad then it will be difficult for you to enjoy the wedding day.


5. What Influences a Wedding Budget?

The total cost of a wedding may be influenced by where you live, whether you choose a local wedding or a destination wedding, or which wedding traditions you choose to uphold.

What Influences a Wedding Budget?

Whether your wedding budget includes all of these things or just some of them can depend on the scope and scale of the ceremony you are planning. Apart from that look for ways to increase your income so you are able to save more money each month. Take the help of your family members in paying some amount for the venue.

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