Surprising Benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil is an edible oil. This oil is high in lauric acid, which has been shown to raise blood cholesterol levels. It is usually used in commercial cooking because it is lower in cost than other oils and remains stable at high cooking temperatures. Palm kernel oil can also be stored longer than other vegetable oils. The amazing fact about this oil is that palm kernel oil differs from palm oil. As it is s obtained from the kernel of the fruit by cold pressing while palm oil is extracted from the fruit’s fleshy part. Even the physical and chemical properties differ significantly from palm oil.


Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil

Surprising Benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Palm kernel oil is loaded with vitamin E, it is a substance that protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals. This oil even provides amazing anti-aging benefits. As it prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines.


2. Unsaturated Fats

Palm kernel oil is a wonderful source of healthy unsaturated fats. It also contains medium-chain fatty acids. This makes it a good option for cooking oil. However, all these qualities make palm kernel oil ideal for healthier skin, bones, and joints.


3. Rich In Vitamin K

Palm kernel oil is a good source of vitamin K. It is the important fat-soluble vitamin that the body requires. Vitamin K helps to make various proteins that are needed for blood clotting. It also supports the building of bones.


4. Improved Hair Growth

You will be amazed to know that palm kernel oil has amazing results on hair growth. This oil helps to condition, and thicken your hair and also reduces hair breakage. Used as a hot oil treatment, palm oil benefits your hair by providing a soothing effect along with the desired nourishment.


5. Zero Cholesterol

Palm kernel oil contains zero cholesterol. This oil benefits your heart health and can even prevent the risk of heart issues. An individual with high cholesterol and heart disease can easily switch over to healthy palm oil without worry. Palm kernel oil can be a perfect replacement for lard and butter in the cooking process.


6. It Improves Vision

Palm kernel oil contains beta-carotene, which is an important element for vision. This element builds and provides a powerful defensive mechanism that protects the eyes from free radicals. While these radicals cause breakdown and mutation of the cell, damaging the vision. Palm kernel oil can prevent eye diseases.


7. Long Shelf Life

Palm kernel oil provides many health benefits beside that it also offers some benefits that can be useful for the food industry or in any kitchen. The oil doesn’t get oxidized under high cooking temperatures and during the course of storage. This makes palm kernel oil a better choice compared to vegetable oil.


8. Helps During Pregnancy

As everyone knows the lack of vitamins can be harmful to pregnant women. Palm kernel oil contains many vitamins such as vitamins A, D, and E. Consuming this oil can help in preventing vitamin deficiencies and also make an individual healthy.


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