Food Combinations you Should Strictly Avoid Eating

Usually, you try an combine two or more food to enhance the nutritional value and flavor of your cuisine. While certain foods must be consumed separately since they require different amounts of time and physiological conditions to digest. As you may not be aware that it is equally important to keep in mind various food combos that can actually prove to be harmful. These kinds of meals are regarded to be incompatible because they have opposite properties. However, consuming the right kind of food at the right time is what helps you attain and maintain good health.


Here are some food combinations to avoid in your diet

1. Ghee and Honey

Ghee and Honey

According to studies, it is ok to mix ghee and honey in a 2:1 ratio. But you should not use these two ingredients in equal amounts. They are not recommended unless there are some additional ingredients.


2. Fish and Milk

Fish and Milk

Many of us have heard somewhere or our grandparents suggest us not to consume fish with milk. Even though both these ingredients have sweet flavors their potency is different. Milk is cold while fish is hot which can affect blood circulation. However, they shouldn’t be consumed together.


3. Milk and Tulsi Leaf

Milk and Tulsi Leaf

Milk and tulsi leaf is mostly consumed for colds and coughs. According to studies suggested there should be at least a 20-minute gap between these two ingredients.


4. Two high-protein foods

Two high-protein foods

It is recommended that two high-protein foods should not be consumed together. As they are high in protein factor, they sit heavy in the stomach. As a result, it will take much longer time to digest. You can eat light protein first and then your high protein or meat. Also, avoid processed and fried foods as much as possible.


5. Jaggery and Curd

Jaggery and Curd

It is suggested that jaggery and curd should not be consumed together. As it can make you gain weight. This combination can also affect the cough and have a cold worse. An individual who enjoys both together should reconsider.


6. Sweets With Alcohol

Sweets With Alcohol

Usually, we are careful about eating food combinations but do not consider drinks such as alcohol. Sweet with alcohol combination can do blunders. As per studies, alcohol tends to convert sugar into saturated fats. This can get easily accumulated in the body.


7. Aerated Drinks and Mint

Aerated Drinks and Mint

Tangy mint soda could be your favorite drink. But do you know how much it can cause problems to the body? There are many trading videos you might get on the Internet that show the reaction between mint and aerated drinks. Make sure to watch them it will make you think twice before drinking it. Mint and cola can cause excessive bloating and gas, which can make you very uncomfortable.


8. Yogurt With Fruit

Yogurt With Fruit

Yogurt has bacteria that act on the sugar present in fruits. When the acid from fruits comes in contact with the protein in yogurt, it not only affects the digestive fibers but also makes it toxic. This toxic food combination can lead to food toxins, colds, or allergies too.

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