Green Apple, Uses, Benefits, Side Effects 

The green apple is a hybrid fruit. This is developed by combining two different species of apple such as  Malus domesticus and Malus slyvesterus. Green apples are light green in color with tart, juicy, and crisp flavors. They have hard skin with a long shelf-life as compared with other apple types. This fruit contains bioactive compounds and flavonoids in a perfect amounts. They are also loaded with minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, and antioxidants that benefit our health for multiple reasons.


Benefits Of Eating Green Apples


1. Rich in Vitamin A, B, and C

Rich in Vitamin A, B, and C

Green apples are loaded with vitamins like A, B, and C. Which help in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. It also helps in maintaining glowing skin from the inside. Vitamin A help in maintaining good eyesight.


2. A Natural Detoxifier

A Natural Detoxifier

Green apples are rich in fiber. Its juice can help in keeping your digestive system, liver, and kidney free from toxins and harmful elements. The fiber present in green apples ensures that you are free of constipation issues. It also supports cutting down the risk of developing colon cancer.


3. Boosts Metabolic Rate

Boosts Metabolic Rate

Green apple juice is known as a treasure trove of a wide variety of minerals such as iron, manganese, potassium, and copper. All these elements play an important in keeping healthy. Iron particularly is well-known to help in better absorption of oxygen. Which as a result boosts the metabolic rate of your body.


4. Nourishes the Skin

Nourishes the Skin

With their high vitamin content green apples support in maintaining the skin and has excellent whitening and nourishing effects on your complexion. Packed with various vitamins and minerals an individual can incorporate this drink into their skin care regimen. The collagen and elastin proteins are being boosted which as a result improves complexion by nourishing and healing the skin from deep within.


5. It Contains Mineral Content

It Contains Mineral Content

Green apples are high in potassium, zinc, iron, copper, and manganese. These minerals are important for human health. Zinc plays an essential role in the creation of DNA, the growth of cells, building proteins, the healing of damaged tissue, and supporting a healthy immune system.


6. Prevents Skin Diseases

Prevents Skin Diseases

Due to the lack of nourishment, the skin gets many problems such as eczema and cancer. The high phytochemical content in green apples might help in disease prevention and even give your skin the necessary nourishment. It also offers protection from various skin issues.


7. Good For Blood Clotting

Good For Blood Clotting

Green apples contain a high amount of Vitamin K. It supports the blood to coagulate and clot. An individual who consumes green apples has better wound-repairing and healing potential. Women who are suffering from extremely heavy periods, can eat green apples or drink green apple juice to bring the bleeding under control.


Side Effects Of Green Apple


1. May Effect Teeth

May Effect Teeth

Green apples can actually cause problems with teeth. As it is acidic so it can cause demineralization of the different portions of the tooth. The excess consumption of green apples can loss of mineralized teeth. If you experience any dental problems, make sure to immediately contact a dentist.


2. Allergy


Natural herbs can have some allergic reactions and they can react differently in different people. Consult your doctor before including any fruit or vegetable in your diet for its benefits. The symptoms include sneezing, nasal congestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea,



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