Red Wine Benefits and Side Effects 

Red wine is a type of wine made by crushing and fermenting dark-colored, whole grapes. Drinking a glass of wine after a long tiring day can be one of the best ways to de-stress. Consuming wine in moderate amounts can be good for your health as it can boost your physical and mental health. The research found that red wine not only benefits health but also promotes good skin and hair. Organic wine is also available, it is the type of wine that has a subtle difference. This wine is produced from grapes that are grown according to the principles of organic farming – which prohibits the use of chemicals and other artificial fertilizers.


The Benefits Of Red Wine For Health


1. Boosts Brain Health

Boosts Brain Health

According to research red wine boosts brain health by ensuring proper blood circulation to the brain. It is packed with resveratrol, which reduces the stickiness of the blood platelets and keeps the blood vessels open and flexible. Which offers good circulation. Red wine even boosts memory power and helps in the prevention of dementia.


2. Boosts Heart Health

Boosts Heart Health

Red wine contains antioxidants that increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body.  This eventually prevents cholesterol build-up, preventing heart disease. Red wine has a compound called polyphenols, most importantly resveratrol. Resveratrol can protect the linings of the blood vessels in your heart, it can also reduce blood clots. This compound can activate a protein called sirtuin 1, which protects the heart from inflammation.

However, moderate red wine consumption can prevent heart disease, but there is no confirmation whether it can reverse an existing condition.


3. Promotes Longevity

Promotes Longevity

The research found that red wine contains a chemical called resveratrol, which can increase lifespan by as much as 50%. Resveratrol might activate an evolutionary stress response in human cells that might enhance longevity. This chemical in red wine can protect our neurons from the undesirable effects of aging. The antioxidant present in red wine could also provide higher energy levels.


4. Promotes Liver Health

Promotes Liver Health

Drinking red wine in moderate amounts is not only safe but it is also safe for the liver. Red wine could even cut the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Contradictory, intake of beer or liquor could increase the risk of the disease by four times.


5. Prevents Tooth Decay

Prevents Tooth Decay

Studies found that red wine can protect your teeth by preventing cavities. The polyphenols in red wine can help remove bacteria from the teeth. which otherwise produces acid that damages the teeth over time.


6. Strengthens the Immune System

Strengthens the Immune System

Red wine can boost the immune system and help fight infections. Drinking a glass of red wine daily in a moderate amount can also help you beat those annoying colds. As per research red wine doesn’t suppress the immune response, which means the wine won’t harm your immune system.


7. Slows Down Aging and Makes Skin Glow

Slows Down Aging and Makes Skin Glow

We already saw how red wine slows down the aging of your body and brain. Like that, only it also works well in keeping your skin young. The red wine can make your skin glow and reduce the risk of precancerous skin lesions. The polyphenols in the wine can prevent cell oxidation that ages the skin. Red wine can also restore your skin’s original glow. It presents antioxidant which also has the ability to prevent skin cancer and other dangerous skin ailments. Red wine contains resveratrol that helps to protect the skin from harmful UV-induced effects.


8. Fights Acne

Fights Acne

The resveratrol chemical present in red wine helps to slow down the growth of bacteria that cause acne. It also prevents keratinocyte proliferation, which can cause acne lesions. When applied topically, it can also clear pores.


9. Promotes Thick Hair

Promotes Thick Hair

Red wine improves blood circulation in the body. Eventually, your scalp also receives an adequate supply of blood. Blood circulation in the scalp improves hair growth becomes better. This reduces hair fall and promotes thicker hair growth. You can also rinse your hair with red wine before shampooing as it can make it look healthier.


10. Improves Sleep

Improves Sleep

Red wine helps us sleep peacefully. It is made with grapes which are rich in a substance called melatonin. This substance is responsible for stimulating your internal body clock and sleep patterns. It is also loaded with compounds namely Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chianti.


Side Effects Of Red Wine


As red wine contains sugar and alcohol both of which are best if consumed in moderation. For wine fermentation, yeast is used. which can remain dormant in the final product and take up residence in your body. Even the small amounts of yeast byproducts left in bottled wine can feed yeast growth from colonies already living in your body.

Here are some side effects of not drinking red wine in moderation.


1. Headaches


This is also called a red wine headache. It is a condition often accompanied by flushing and nausea. The individual gets a headache within 15 minutes after taking a glass of red wine. The high concentrations of sulfites, tannins, histamines, and prostaglandins in red wine could cause these headaches.


2. Blood Thinning Effects

Blood Thinning Effects

Resveratrol is also known for its anticoagulant properties. It means the compound can inhibit the coagulation property of blood platelets that are required for blood clotting. So it can cause problems if resveratrol is taken along with blood-thinning medications. As it can result in excessive bleeding.


3. Inhibits Muscle Healing

Inhibits Muscle Healing

If red wine is consumed in high doses, the resveratrol present in it can hamper the muscle repair cycle and contribute to aging. So it should be consumed in moderate amounts.


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